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Hello world!

tezk | November 20-2020 March 7th-2021 | No Comments

Welcome from WordPress on This must be my 6th server in as many months, yet only my second WordPress install!

So what happened? My original site was hosted on ionos (1&1) and they served me well for many a year! Though for some unknown reason, they crashed and burned and took my old site with them!

They were very helpful and helped in setting up the new site, though it was a pain, as my backups were patchy to say the least! The worst was definitely trying to setup the mail server again..

So I’d got everything up and running, and lo and behold, a few months later, the site was lost again!

At this point, I decided to move over to Amazon and one of their AWS instances as I’d had good experiences with another project, so I went through the process of setting up everything. Again…

Once again, setting up the email server was the biggest issue – an issue that wasn’t helped by the fact Amazon block outgoing SMTP traffic by default (which I wasn’t aware of, it took many complaints from people saying they didn’t receive my emails to identify!) plus my domain has been used in a few spam sources…

Eventually, everything looked stable, I’d got email working, my Glasshfish server was stable, so I set up my SSL cert and setup Apache.

Though all was not good! I’d added an automated script from another site to backup some of their files, and it had failed? I tried accessing emails, and they’d gone? I logged on to my AWS console.. and the EC2 instance had gone! I raised a ticked and headed off to work. Many thanks to Amazon, one of their engineers over in America gave me call a few hours later and scratched his head – he agreed if I’d broken any service agreements, I’d have been notified… He passed on my case to the EC2 team… Who identified that as I’d instantiated as a spot instance, Amazon reserve the right to terminate without notice… Which they’d done, which has lost all my setup!

So currently, I’m running from a reserved instance, serves me right for skimping I suppose – the spot instance was similar cost for double the processing and double the ram…

My many re-installs of the mail server seem to be paying off, though I’ve got to re-request my SSL certs…

Oh well, fingers crossed!

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