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Here I am! An absolute age after deciding I was going to set up a blog, I’ve finally got around to putting it into practice! Why has it taken so long? Well, after last year and completing my last year with the Open University by taking 4 modules, upping sticks selling our property in Derbyshire to live in a temporary home in the outskirts of London, then taking the Linux Foundations Certified Sysadmin and Certified Engineer exams after carrying out my own studies (http://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification) and then working on a few projects to flex my coding skills to get a some websites up and running to showcase my skills, I’ve struggled to get around to it!

So who am I? I still remember my dad buying us a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k from our local Co-op superstore back in the 80’s. After my initial awe and wonder, I got around to talking my dad into buying the Input magazine series that promised to introduce it’s readers to the world of programming! After wetting my toes with the early 8bit machines, then moving on to the Commodore Amiga (I’ve still got a full set of the original Reference manuals! Though I never managed much programming..) I moved on to studying for my NVQ level 3 in programming with a local company which involved coding on 386 machines running windows 3.11 for work groups! After failing to get in to the industry I eventually took an administration job with a local company that saw me settle there for the next 13 years!

During my time there, I came across the Open University and their degree in computer science. I started with my first module in 2005 and have enjoyed carrying out study ever since! Most recently, I finished my degree by taking redundancy from the firm I was working with to carry out 4 modules in one year, the equivalent of a year of full time study, which resulted in me achieving an upper second degree in computing and opened my eyes to Java EE and MySQL as I used these in my end project.

Having moved to London, I took the opportunity to further my studies and now have the Linux Foundation’s Sysadmin and Engineer certifications under my belt, and I’m now using my experience to work on a website implementing the technologies I’ve learned.

So where next? A major fan of Java, Linux, the open source world and Android, I hope to start a few Android projects. Being an ardent runner I’ve a few ideas in mind!

Wish me luck!

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    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately my blogging still hasn’t got my full attention and so the project is on the back burner a little. I’ll update with more news soon!

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