Another two weeks?

So, another two weeks have passed… And what have I achieved? I did attend my graduation ceremony!


I’ve also registered on a Cisco Network Security course with the OU (here) but more pressingly, we’re moving! After spending the summer in a caravan and awning, we’re moving back in to bricks and mortar next week! So what have I learned from a summer under canvas? The costs are certainly appealing… 6 months living back in Derbyshire would have cost us around £5000, accounting for mortgage payments, council tax, water rates, energy costs, etc…. That cost in greater London? We’re paying £6000 for rent alone, so I’ll let you know the total… Our running costs for the summer? Not counting the expense of the van, around £1500… And for that we’ve got on site sports facilities, sauna, swimming pool and surrounded by woodland!

Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to stay year round. Though with the dropping temperatures, I’m not sure I’d want to! I’m certainly looking forward to running water, plumbed drainage and central heating again!

Fingers crossed and see you on the other side!

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