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AWS, a new comer’s views

As an IT professional it can be a daunting task trying to keep up with new technologies. A lot of job specifications I’ve seen have asked for Amazon or other cloud experience, so I decided it was time I had a look!

Previously I’ve administered several virtual servers hosted by hosting companies, all of which can be classed as cloud computing, given that the machine doesn’t actually exist and all of the processing is done “in the cloud”, so what are my initial thoughts having delved into AWS for the first time?

Mainly how easy it is to get started! The interface certainly looks daunting, though I managed to get a virtual server up and running on the EC2 (Elastic cloud computing) service in less than 10 minutes! And what’s better, they provide a modest machine known as a t2.micro, absolutely free of charge for the first year!

Delving a little deeper, following Ryan Kroonenberg’s “AWS Certified Developer 2016” course on Udacity, (https://www.udemy.com/aws-certified-developer-associate/) I was surprised by how easy it all was! I even manged to get a load balancer set up, linked to an EC2 server, and managed to Link to the Tomcat server seamlessly from Netbeans! And it was still free! (So long as you pick the right machine…) Admittedly the choice of course was biased towards getting certified rather than actually learning AWS, but it provides an excellent starting point!

Having developed an idea for a future Android app, the environment looks like the perfect place to host the back end processing given it’s scalable nature and high availability. Plus it will earn me some brownie points for the CV! Watch this space for details of the App in the future!

100 days until the big day!

So I had some spare time last night and thought I’d better get the donation page updated and wouldn’t you know there’s a whacking big countdown timer on there? Only 100 days to go until Marathon day!

So how am I doing? Ideally I’d be out every day, clocking up the miles and bomb proofing the legs! Though as it stands, my legs are still sore from the 10k I did Sunday… 4 days ago! Though I did manage the full 10k without tiring after 5k, which had been happening. I just need to be able to do it 4 times over! So keep an eye on this space, and follow me on strava (https://www.strava.com/athletes/terry_kay) to follow my slow painful progress…

Before I go, it might be a coincidence but my supporter pack came through today!


And what is that exactly? My superhero pack! Yes, a running vest, two sweat bands and a cape… We all know how hard it is to raise sponsorship via social media, so I’ve promised on my donation page (http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TerryKay) that if I can raise £100, I’ll run the marathon wearing the cape… Wish me luck!