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Spring preparations!

tezk | March 7th-2021 | No Comments
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Spring is in the air! Here at Brockenhurst, we’ve been isolated for many a month now, though our opening date is in site!

So how have we been preparing? On the meadow, we’ve been laying bricks into the grounds to help permanently mark out the pitches! This should help out in a number of ways, though should help ensure they’re always visible, despite all the work involved! The meadow is currently needing a good raking after the worms have left their casts (there are loads!) though hopefully all there activity has helped improve the health of our grass!

Hard at work, marking boundaries of the sites

We’ve also been donated a huge pile of dirt – we aim to get this distributed around The Meadow to help level out the worst of the bumps and try and improve drainage!

As well as the constant battle to rake up the leaves…

Fingers crossed everything will look amazing for when we open for visitors. See you then!

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